CanCov Medical Inc

Canadian made medical masks to assist medical staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Product Showcase

Mask Features


Full Seal

The CanCov Medical masks are fully sealed around the face of the wearer to protect against risk of infection and transmission.


Dual Filter intake/outtake

The fully sealed dual mask filters air on the intake and output preventing infection of the wearer and infection of patients, co workers and anyone in close proximity.


Reusable Design

The fully sealed dual filtered mask is reusable unlike the popularly used faces shield and N95 mask combination, currently used by front line workers. Please check with your filter manufacture for information on whether filters can be reused.


Controlled Airflow

The CanCov Medical mask contains mushroom filters that allow the air to be inhaled through the upper filter and exhaled through the lower filter.


AntiFog Design

The CanCov mask is made of two separate compartments - one for breathing and the other to see through - eliminating the common problem with the wearers' vision fogging up from the moisture created when exhaling.


Comfortable Design

The CanCov medical mask contains a silicon layer between the wearer's face and the hard plastic on the front of the mask. This layer reduces bruises and pressure lines when wearing for extended periods of time. The mask has a comfortable and adjustable strap system that allows the user to adjust the mask, preventing it from being too tight.